Ahoy mateys! Welcome to the Pirate Fun Deck!
Avast, tharrr be lots of swashbucklin' fun and games for all ye pirate lovers out there. Arrr!


Blimey! A sea of fun has flooded the
Pirate’s Booty Port! Can you complete all
of arrr pirate activities, matey?

  • Get Ready to Set Sail

    Make Yarrr Own Origami Boat

    dwnld pdf
  • Aye, Aye, Captain

    Make Your Own Eye Patch

    dwnld pdf
  • Draw Like A Pirate

    Learn to Draw Crunchy

    dwnld pdf
  • Drop Anchor & Read

    Pirate Bookmark Clip-Out

    dwnld pdf
  • Treasure Hunt

    Find Hidden Treasures in the Picture

    dwnld pdf
  • 3D Paper Crunchy

    dwnld pdf


Are you a land lubber and wish you knew more pirate lingo? Check out arrr pirate glossary and share yarrr pirate speak on arrr social media!

  • Ahoy! - “Hello!”

  • Avast! - “Stop and give attention”

  • Aye, aye - “Yes, sir!"

  • Blimey! - Exclamation of surprise

  • Booty - Treasure

  • Buccaneer - A name for a pirate

  • Lad/Lass - A younger person

  • Land Lubber - A land lover; someone who does not go to sea

  • Seadog - Old pirate or sailor

  • Shiver me timbers - An expression used to show shock or disbelief

  • Swashbucklin’ - Adventurous fun

  • Tharrr she blows! - An expression used when a whale is spotted from the ship

  • Yo Ho Ho - Cheerful phrase to demand attention



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