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Rolling Stone: Fergie


“I’m so stoked!” says Fergie about her fist-ever solo tour. Before the Black Eyed Peas and platinum-selling pop star headed off to blast through songs from her hit album, The Dutchess, she talked with Rolling Stone about her rock and roll jones and essential snack foods.

What are you up to right now?

I’m at home. I got, like, locksmiths and blinds installers coming. Taking care of small stuff, you know?

So what’s up with your summer tour? Is it going to be a big, choreographed show?

I’ll be a mixture. I have four dancers and choreographed parts. But I am definitely keeping a rock element. I just remade “Barracuda” for the Shrek 3 soundtrack. Two of my vocal idols are Axl Rose and Robert Plant, and you hear them in that song. If I could, I’d crowd-surf every night, but I think I’d end up naked with all my clothes ripped off.

So you have a band playing with you, right?

Yeah, they’re like family. I feel comfortable with them. They know my range [laughs].

Are any special guests going to pop up?

I love the guests on my album. Ludacris came onstage with me in San Diego and of course is always around. If someone is in town, hopefully they’ll show up. Come onstage and do your thing!

What keeps your energy up?

It’s all about green juice from Trader Joe’s – it’s spinach, celery and kale. No sugar!

For the taste or the vitamins?

It’s all about the vitamins. But I also love Pirate’s Booty. That’s a weakness of mine.

by Christian Hoard

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